Duties of the Officers of the Cape Cod Hydrangea Society


The President(s) shall preside at all meetings; shall be an ex-officio member of all committees; and shall approve all expenditures not provided in the budget, but authorized by the Executive Board, before payment of such by the Treasurer.

Vice President(s)

The Vice President(s) shall act for the President(s) in the President(s)’ absence and shall assist the President(s) at all times.

 The Vice President(s) shall be responsible for procuring a speaker for each of the General Membership Meetings held in the Spring, Fall, Winter and any other general membership meetings called by the President(s).  These speakers shall be from either within or from outside the membership. 

The Vice President(s) will serve as Garden Tours Committee Chair/s, for the annual Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival and will secure gardens and coordinate all necessary planning, people, and details with garden owners and committee chairs as outlined in the Garden Tour Committee Description and timeline.

The Vice President(s) shall oversee the committee chairs as Hydrangea Festival Chair/s.  If we elect a single Vice President, the President(s) will work in conjunction with the Vice President.  The Vice President(s) shall call an organizational meeting in January for all festival committee chairs. 

If we elect two Vice Presidents, they will assume the role of Hydrangea Festival Co-Chairs in addition to being Co-Chairs of Garden Tours.


Recurring Duties
The Treasurer shall check mail for membership dues; weekly in summer.

The Treasurer shall make deposits of checks which can be done through mobile banking of in person.

The Treasurer shall reimburse CCHS members for expenses incurred, typically including Hydrangea University, summer garden tours, fall and summer social events and purchases related to CCHS charitable activities especially at the CCHS hydrangea gardens at Heritage.

The Treasurer shall maintain receipts for expense reimbursement requests. Currently these are kept electronically and on paper, if not submitted electronically.

The Treasurer shall reconcile bank accounts to monthly statements. A cash receipts and disbursements journal shall be maintained for easy access to account activity.

The Treasurer shall prepare reports of revenue and expenditures in advance of the spring and fall meetings and report on such activity at the meetings. Typically, these are one or two- page summaries showing the cash receipts and disbursements for the period between meetings. The primary sources of revenue are Hydrangea University, including the sponsors checks, membership dues, and Hydrangea Festival week garden tours. Expenses include recurring items listed above as well as various expenses related to CCHS activities and periodic contributions to Heritage and other local charities.

The Treasurer shall file annual tax returns (September 30 fiscal year end) and “postcard” filing on- line through IRS website. This takes ten minutes.

The Treasurer shall file Massachusetts sales tax return which takes place quarterly; return must be filed even if there is no sales tax to report. On-line filing is through MA TAX Connect and takes ten minutes.

The Treasurer must renew Massachusetts sales tax exemption certificate, which is good for ten years. Most recent renewal was in August of 2020.

Assistant Treasurer

The Assistant Treasurer shall be authorized to take over the duties of the Treasurer in the Treasurer’s absence.


The Secretary shall record the minutes of all Executive Board and business meetings and shall send the minutes to the Board members for approval and then to the Website Chairperson for inclusion in the “Members Only” section of the website. The Secretary shall handle correspondence as requested by other officers.

Membership Director

The Membership Director shall maintain the CCHS spreadsheet with current member contact information, history and status of membership. The Membership Director shall maintain current email addresses of members for notification purposes. If no email is available, mail notices will be sent to members’ physical addresses.

The Membership Director shall solicit membership dues, send out dues reminders, collect checks at the May membership general meeting (if applicable); liaise with the Treasurer to keep records of members’ payment and contact information on the CCHS Excel spreadsheet.

The Membership Director shall create name tags and mail them to members and, if desired, provide temporary name tags at social events.

The Membership Director shall send out welcome letters to new members; send out newsletters and notices to the general membership from the CCHS gmail account and notify the Website Manager of additions and changes to the CCHS Directory.

The Membership Director shall send a list of new members to the Newsletter Editor each quarter.

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